Apple keynote offers attractive templates and top-notch graphics to build the suitable presentations. However, there are times when even the available template might not be enough to meet your project requirements. That’s when the free keynote templates come to your rescue. You can utilize the keynote templates for a variety of reasons. From proposing a project idea to explaining the execution and methodologies, free keynote themes make the presentation a lot more understandable. Along with this, the attractive designs are likely to catch the attention of your audience. 

Keep reading to know the top 7 modern keynote templates that you can use to build as well as accelerate the growth of your venture.

  1. Strategic Planning PowerPoint Template Slide

Every business requires new ideas and strategies to enhance growth and sales. Before execution, you must explain the long-term as well as short-term strategies to your employees. You can explain the strategic planning through presentations using the ecstatic free keynote templates 2020. Owing to the ready-made graphics and designs, you don’t need to invest much time in the process. Just add the relevant goals and change the text formatting if the need be. The strategic planning template is well-suitable for the Apple iOS and works eloquently in your keynote presentation software.

2. X model of Employee engagement PowerPoint Template

Employees are the only asset to improve the productivity and expand the business. Every business owner must ensure to recruit self-motivated and goal-oriented people. Apart from this, you also need to conduct regular motivational sessions highlighting the key duties of an ideal employee. There’s no better way to make your employee more productive and focused than regular strategic presentations. Make sure to use the free keynote templates that make the presentations easier and more digestible. The employee engagement template is ideal for featuring the top qualities like growth, work, and recognition. What’s even better is that you can customize the texts and transform it to your own version without much effort.

3. User Customer Journey PowerPoint Template

If you’re a business owner who wishes to promote the indigenous products, then you must conduct regular presentations. In order to gather the attention of the investors, customers, and other targets, you must feature the necessary product specifications. Along with this, don’t forget to make the audience understand your customer-handling strategy. For such purposes, use this free keynote template 2022 that talks about the ideal journey of customers. The template highlights the key features of a customer’s journey like awareness, purchase, service, and advocacy. 

Not only will this help in gaining the trust of your potential customers, but also improve your venture’s professional reputation.

4. Hero’s Journey Editable Diagram for PowerPoint

Here’s the free keynote theme that ascertains the hidden journey of a hero. This template is undoubtedly a diverse and multipurpose one. You can use it for your business proposals, employee motivational sessions, as well as academic projects. If you’re using this for your business purposes, there are certain domains where the template attracts the audience quite well. You might utilize the features to highlight how your business achieved fame, growth, and faith of the potential investors. Not only will this improve the sales, but also increase the client response. In case any graphic or font doesn’t meet your expectations, you can always change it to a suitable one.

5. Personal Growth PowerPoint Template Metaphors

Business owners need to showcase their journey and struggles to potential investors on a regular basis. In order to make the session more engaging and interactive, you must use the aid of commendable presentations. Personal growth is all about the endless struggles and a do-or-die attitude. Use the free keynote template 2022 to feature all the stages of your venture’s success. Also, don’t forget to customize the graphics, colors, and texts to a suitable one. From setting up the right goals to undergoing extensive research and planning, everything matters in the quest to succeed. 

This is followed by top-notch training and learning the required skills that bring you near your goals. Overall, this keynote template features the stages of success in an engaging manner.

6. Startup Plans and Pricing PowerPoint Template

One of the best ways to keep the customers engaged in your venture is through attractive packages. Whether you established the venture recently or run a full-fledged popular one, prices and packages are essential to boost the sales. Not only do they benefit the customers, but they also improve the sales and efficiency of your business. Also, it promises an even better engagement and client-facilitation in the upcoming days. Make sure to explain the attractive packages and services through the free keynote templates. This is essential as a visual memory is much more retainable than the auditory one. Hence, your client are likely to be more interested in the services offered through the eloquent presentations.

7. Travel Agency PowerPoint Template

For all the travel agency owners out there, travel itinerary emerges to be a crucial part. You need to explain the journey, hotel accommodations, flight charges, tourist attractions for every other destination. That’s when the free keynote themes make your job much easier and comprehensible. The template highlights as many as three travel destinations and provides enough space to enumerate the attractions covered. You can also change the images, customize the graphics as well as colors according to your needs. Gather enough information and make use of this engaging, attractive, and astonishing template to feature your services to the travel junkies out there.

Bottom Line
Apple iOS users need comprehensive and engaging free keynote templates 2022 to prepare the ideal presentations. For all the business owners out there, these keynote templates turn out to be life-saving. From creating the engaging business proposals to preparing the astounding travel itineraries, you can do it all using the perfect templates. Along with this, make sure to motivate your employee using presentations that talk about ideal employee characteristics. Refer to the top 7 modern keynote templates above to create the commendable presentations without devoting endless hours.

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